Using asthma medicines

Knowing how and when to use your inhaler properly will help you to manage your asthma better.

Spacers should be used with inhalers, and are the best way, to help get medicine into your lungs, where it is needed.  Only MDI inhalers can be used with spacers.  MDI inhalers and spacers look those in the green picture below.


Inhalers come in all shapes and sizes.


You can use both your MDI reliever and MDI preventer inhalers with spacers.

Some important information

  • Using spacers with your MDI inhaler helps reduce side effects like hoarse voice and oral thrush.
  • Face masks can be used with a spacer by young children or adults with disabilities.
  • Spacers should be washed with warm water and dishwashing liquid and drip dried.
  • Talk to your doctor about getting a spacer and/or an MDI inhaler if you have another type of inhaler, during your next visit.
  • Small volume spacers can be obtained for free from your doctor for children aged six years and under.