Managing asthma

Managing asthma can be simple.

There are some key things you need to know and do to better manage asthma if you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with asthma.

Know how asthma affects you and your family

Observe asthma symptoms to know whether they are mild, frequent or ongoing. This will help you to review asthma signs and symptoms, particularly if your child has asthma and as they grow. You can get asthma diaries for free from your local asthma society

Know what your specific triggers are

Identify triggers that are specific to you or your child's asthma.  Once you know what they are, you will be able to better avoid triggers or develop a plan for times when you encounter a t rigger.

Know your asthma medicines

Know which asthma medicines your family has been prescribed.  Find out what each medicine is, what it does, when to use it and how to use it properly.

Personal asthma action plans summarise this information in a simple and easy to understand way, so if you forget you have something to refer to.

Ask for an asthma action plan

Your doctor or your local asthma society can help you put an asthma action plan together.  Asthma action plans summarise personal asthma triggers, medicines, medicine directions and dosage in one place so that you can refer to it easily.

Know who to ask for help or with any questions

Find out who and where your local asthma society is. They can help you or a family member manage asthma better and provide you with the tools you need to make it easier.