Check your asthma

If you think you or someone in your family may have asthma, you should get it checked out by a doctor.

Because asthma is different for everybody your experience of it may be slightly different from someone else. 

Most people with asthma think it is better controlled than it really is. They get used to feeling the way they do and put up with their asthma symptoms.  Do you know your asthma well?

Use the table below to work out how your asthma is:


What to look for?

Treatment and management

Mild asthma

Your asthma is set off by certain triggers.

You generally only notice symptoms around 18 weeks apart.

Only slight symptoms are noticed in-between.

Learn to recognize your symptoms and cut down exposure to triggers.

If in doubt, or concerned about your asthma, please see your doctor.

Frequent asthma

You experience symptoms about twice a month.

You don't experience many symptoms in-between.

Take your preventer medicine (usually orange or brown coloured) and avoid all trigggers.

If in doubt, or concerned about your asthma or your medication, please see your doctor.

Ongoing asthma

Not enough sleeping, and waking during the night.

Coughing and wheezing.

Early morning chest tightness.

Unable to exercise without experiencing symptoms.

See your doctor for a thorough assessment.

Use your preventer medicines (usually orange or brown coloured) regularly, as directed.

Keep a close eye on your symptoms.

If in doubt, or concerned about your asthma, talk to your doctor about a specialist referral.