The Space to Breathe Study Waitemata

From 1 August 2011, the Space to Breathe study was conducted among children with asthma and their caregivers in the Waitemata region. Some information about this study is outlined below.

What was studied?

The Space to Breathe programme delivered one-on-one assessment with a respiratory nurse and education to caregivers to children with asthma in Early Childhood Education Centres.  For the study, caregivers included staff at Early Childhood Education Centres and parents/guardians of children with asthma.  It was hypothesised that asthma outcomes such as hospitalisations and attacks due to asthma, would improve among children who received the programme.

Who can I contact for further information?

If you have any questions about the Space to Breathe programme you can contact

The Space to Breathe Study has been approved by the Upper South A Regional Ethics Committee - URA/11/06/026